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Re: P.O.P and diginegs and babies

Hi Chris,

This certainly is wierd. You say 'Lela' and I say 'Lilly'. Crazy. and I'm surrounded by girls now.

 Thanks for the advice. I think I will have to process in the wild so the sulphite is a must.

I've just been reading you on Argyrotype and now I'm wondering which to use, POP or Ag.

Any thoughts?



David H 


On Sep 13 2006, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

This is too weird--my grand daughter's name (born a week ago in between my
classes in my home and both the midwife and I missed the birth it was so
fast! or did I already say that onlist, I'm just toooo proud....) is Lela
Grace. She's little enough to bathe in my alt process trays! JUST KIDDING,

Yes to Polaroid 55 film successfully in a pinhole camera--it was in a
Polaroid 545i holder in both a 4x5 box pinhole and a 4x5 springback pinhole
camera. Watch reciprocity, though. I use Polaroid to test exposure all the
time in those cameras, mostly the color film type 59, though.

Bring sodium sulfite with you in the field--you can plop a couple
tablespoons in a ziploc baggie and add a cup of water, if you want to clear
them in the field.
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Subject: P.O.P and diginegs and babies

> Hi Folks,

Well after a disastrous summer spent > (not)gum-printing, I have adjourned
to the UK pending the arrival > of new grand-daughter, baby Kate. Shortly
thereafter, a somewhat > longer journey to the Antipodes where my son and
his wife are > expecting baby Lilly Grace in Sydney in October. Assuming no
> further birthing or bombing incidents I should be back in Turkey by
> February which brings me to my Alt question. I intend visiting > Cappadocia
in spring, a terrain which lends itself, I believe > nicely, to POP images.
I have a couple of queries. Has anyone eve > used Polaroid 55 film
successfully in a pinhole camera? AND, will > I be able to create digital
negatives capable of printing well > with Centennial POP? Any responses
would be gratefully received as > would any old baby clothes, money etc..

> Regards

Grandad David H