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Re: P.O.P and diginegs and babies

Oh yeah, do argyrotype! It is a beautiful bittersweet chocolate color. But it does contain silver so don't do it in your bathtub or you'll get stains that are hard to remove, like I did. Speaking of stains, I have struggled teaching because with what I teach I tend to ruin my clothes. My fave pair of khakis has a nice drippy argyrotype stain down the one leg, and wouldn't you know that through 6 months of washing it is not much faded. And, of course, the brown color is....not very appealing on pants. Need I say more.
ps thanx for the kongrats, Judy! Lela Grace has certainly supplanted my gum practice this week...
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Hi Chris,

This certainly is wierd. You say 'Lela' and I say 'Lilly'. Crazy. and I'm surrounded by girls now.

Thanks for the advice. I think I will have to process in the wild so the sulphite is a must.

I've just been reading you on Argyrotype and now I'm wondering which to use, POP or Ag.

Any thoughts?


David H

On Sep 13 2006, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
This is too weird--my grand daughter's name (born a week ago in between my classes in my home and both the midwife and I missed the birth it was so fast! or did I already say that onlist, I'm just toooo proud....) is Lela Grace. She's little enough to bathe in my alt process trays! JUST KIDDING, FOLKS...

Yes to Polaroid 55 film successfully in a pinhole camera--it was in a Polaroid 545i holder in both a 4x5 box pinhole and a 4x5 springback pinhole camera. Watch reciprocity, though. I use Polaroid to test exposure all the time in those cameras, mostly the color film type 59, though.

Bring sodium sulfite with you in the field--you can plop a couple tablespoons in a ziploc baggie and add a cup of water, if you want to clear them in the field.
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Subject: P.O.P and diginegs and babies

Hi Folks,
Well after a disastrous summer spent > (not)gum-printing, I have adjourned to the UK pending the arrival > of new grand-daughter, baby Kate. Shortly thereafter, a somewhat > longer journey to the Antipodes where my son and his wife are > expecting baby Lilly Grace in Sydney in October. Assuming no
further birthing or bombing incidents I should be back in Turkey by February which brings me to my Alt question. I intend visiting > Cappadocia
in spring, a terrain which lends itself, I believe > nicely, to POP images. I have a couple of queries. Has anyone eve > used Polaroid 55 film successfully in a pinhole camera? AND, will > I be able to create digital negatives capable of printing well > with Centennial POP? Any responses would be gratefully received as > would any old baby clothes, money etc..

Grandad David H