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Re: Cyanotype Rex - a disappontment to say the least..

Hi Katherine,

Congratulations! It must be our time for Grace(s).

The reason I purchased this particular PDF was to disprove my own opinions of the man rather than the process itself. When I read it I was awash with disappointment. The document is about as informative as his emails and is really something I would expect from a first  year student rather than an elder 'professor'. For me, this author has feet of clay. There is far more important information freely available ( from Ware for instance) on the web and I just don't understand how the cost of this particular method was determined.

I think PDN is different in that it does break new ground; It is very comprehensive, it does do what is promised and it does have dynamic content (programming, spreadsheets etc.). And there is support of course from the author..


David H


On Sep 22 2006, Katharine Thayer wrote:

David, this just reinforces my long-established personal policy: $15
is the absolute top price I would pay for a pdf.

It also contradicts the idea, sometimes asserted here, that you get
what you pay for. Of course that's not necessarily true; some of the
best information is free and some of the worst information is
available only at a price.

BTW, a grand-niece added recently to my family is named Emily Grace.
Must be something in the air...

On Sep 21, 2006, at 11:00 AM, davidhatton@totalise.co.uk wrote:

> I would just like to express my dismay after reading the cyanotype
> rex PDF from Terry King. For those of you who were thinking of
> buying this document, I suggest you think again. I gave the author
> the benefit of the doubt given his 'years of contributions to the
> art and science of photography'. I wish now that I hadn't. There is
> nothing in the document that is not available elsewhere (on the
> Internet) for free. If you really think you need to have the secret
> ask me and I'll tell you. It would take approximately 4 lines of
> text to explain it to the depth to which the author takes the
> process..Heck, not even that! I am bitterly disappointed with the
> publication and can only assume that others who have purchased it
> are too polite to say so too. So if you have 30 bucks to spare, buy
> some Oxalate with it..:)


David H