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Re: Non-nasal identification of 'off' gum arabic solution

Paul wrote:

> Similarly if you know of a supplier of Dimezone-S that will deliver a
> small quantity (100g or so) to FNQ; or somewhere in FNQ that stocks
> sulphuric acid in amounts less than 5L, or somebody who will ship
> Formalin to FNQ (apparently now banned), or even a supplier of sheet
> film in FNQ, or how about a tiny amount of hydrofluoric acid for glass
> etching (banned in Australia), or ...

I feel your pain, although apparently not as acutely as those of you down
under.  Here in the US, I can still buy hydrofluoric acid at my local
hardware store (they sell it for cleaning air conditioner condenser coils).
Concentrated sulfuric acid is available there, too, for clearing badly
clogged drains, as well as at auto parts stores (for filling lead-acid

I spent 6 months in Australia in 1988, and observed that while quite a
number of restrictive laws were on the books, many of them were apparently
not enforced in practice (other than vehicular speed limits, which appeared
to be enforced in the most draconian fashion).  In fact, on several
occasions when I inquired how to comply with restrictive laws, the folks
responsible for enforcement told me not to worry about compliance!
Evidently enforcement has now caught up.

Best regards,