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Re: OT question and Hello

Hi Again Saffron,

Though you wouldn't be able to use these lenses on LF or MF (unless you like MAJOR vignetting) the Lensbaby optics can be used for neat effects. In a nutshell, these single element glass lenses let you swing/tilt the lens relative to the film plane. As you may know, if you use this to throw the film plane out of parallel with your subject, some nifty things can happen. Also, as un "uncorrected lens," the sharp sweet spot is in the center with a nice, natural softness to the edges of the image. I think the focal length of the Lensbaby is 50mm but they do make wide and tele aux. lenses that give you more focal length flexibility.

Their new 3G Lensbaby (as in 3rd Generation) lets you lock your flexed lens in position, which is a major big deal for long exposure work. On the other models you have to hold the flexed lens in position as you shoot.

You can learn more at http://www.lensbabies.com/

Good luck with your project!


Saffron Branfoot wrote on 10/15/06, 1:26 PM:

Thanks for your suggestions, Dan, and for the great site you suggested.
 I really mean in camera effects because photoshop and computers are a closed book to me.