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Re: what paper negatives ?

On Sun, 15 Oct 2006, Hellena Cleary wrote:

For what it is worth, I used to use paper negatives with Tetenal Spectra Jet Duoprint 130 gm for a long time.I oiled the paper with what is called liquid paraffin here in the U.K. This is the same oil used in the traditional photo-etching process and is a mineral oil compound. i stopped using it when OHP type films became available at a reasonable cost here, because there was a tendency for the negative to dry out when used with a multi coat process like Temperprint. Hellena
I stopped oiling paper negatives when I found that every/any oil (I tried more than a dozen) dried out, starting as early as day 2, with the paper getting progressively more opaque until nearly the original unoiled reading on densitometer.

Parrafin was impossible -- every paper mottled, by any strategy of waxing. But beeswax was excellent -- stable and smooth. Someone said they found beeswax yellowish-- I didn't find that (it could be a factor of a particular source). In any event I'd find it the lesser evil.