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Re: digital negative possibilities for gum

Another great source of Photoshop information is the quickly growing
podcast community (via iTunes).  I don't remember exactly which one I was
watching, but it explained each blending mode in terms that anyone could
understand.  Very well done...worth checking out, if anyone can find it...

Camden Hardy


On Mon, October 23, 2006 6:57 am, Rodolpho Pajuaba wrote:
> Practically all of the really good authors on PS will tell what each
> blending mode does (except the ones from Dan Margulis, which is the best
> PS author for my taste but will not do it). For me the best explanations
> were from Martin Evening on "Adobe Photoshop for Photographers" and
> Katrin Eismann on "Photoshop - Masking and Compositing" . No, Im not
> related to any of them ;-) .
> Hope this helps,
> Rodolpho Pajuaba
> Camden Hardy escreveu:
>>While we're listing our favorite blending modes, I'm a big fan of Darken
>>and Overlay.  :)
>>I agree to some extent that you don't need to know exactly what each mode
>>does.  However, I'm willing to bet that having a good understanding of
>>blending modes will drastically improve your Photoshop work.  Once you
>>know what's happening under the hood, you can make adjustments to your
>>image according to your choice of blending mode, and not the other way
>>around.  This, in my experience, makes a huge difference.
>>Camden Hardy