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San Francisco Visit

Dear Friends:

Many of you know by now I teach @ the San Francisco Art Institute. So, for those of you living within the Bay Area
I'm most happy to say that on Monday, November 6th, our own Mark Nelson will be a guest in our Digital I class.
However, @ the noon hour period he will be part of what we have instituted as "Chatterings" (combo of chat and gathering).
You are all invited to come.
As you also must know, Mark is the developer of the Precision Digital Negatives (PDN) manner of creating curves for digital negative making to print historic photo processes.

Also, during this period, both Hans Nohlberg and Chia N-Lfqvis, finely skilled printers of historic photo processes and who are from Sweden will be present.

It will be an engagement of history and the future ensconced in the moment of now. Yes, it is for but an hour or so but do pop in if you wish.

If any are interested, and so as to not have too many people crowd the students, please email me at: jfulton@sfai.edu

Best to all,