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My turn for Gallery at Alternativephotography.com

Hi all !

Now that I had the pleasure to admire Sandy King's pictures on his gallery at Alternativephotography.com, I am deciding myself to announce to the list that me too, I have now some samples of my alt process photographs which you can see on Alternativephotography site.

Thanks to Malin Fabbri's work, my Gallery has been opened on her site since October 1st , but I did not give the info to our list since I did not want to be perceived as doing "self-promotion" . In fact it's not and I should be happy to get any feedback from you...

The link is :


It's also opportunity for me to tell everyone here how much I learnt from the list . And if one of you comes to France, please tell me so that I may help you to organize your visit and maybe a meeting !
From france,

Jean Daubas, auteur-photographe
16 rue de Bourg-Sec
25440 LIESLE (France)
+33 (0)3 81 57 50 13 et +33 (0)6 81 53 12 89