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Re: Date on a print (a sample layout)

If anyone's interested, I've put the info I include on the back of my 
inkjet prints at the following URL:


Clicking on the zip file there will download it to you computer.

This is a layered Photoshop file that has text areas for the various 
things you might want to include. When you open this image on your 
computer you might get a "missing fonts" message. If you do, just change 
the font to something like Times Roman and it should work just fine. If 
you've never worked with layered files in Photoshop you'll have to do 
some homework but it's a pretty basic task for those with modest 
experience. Note that I've genericized this layout with "XX" (or 
nonsense) where you'll type in your own appropriate information.

To print this, I simply run the print through the printer a second time 
so it prints at the bottom of the paper on the back of the print. By 
positioning it well below the image area, your bases are covered should 
anyone fear that years from now the inks might migrate through the paper 
to the other side. For inkjet prints on heavy 360 gsm paper, it's fairly 
unlikely that'll happen. On a thinner paper intended for pt/pd or 
similar, it's another matter.

I also have a stamp for the back of the mat board but since I'm now 
sending out more loose prints (thank god) it seemed like a good idea to 
have this info included with the actual print itself. So far everyone 
seems to appreciate having this information "attached" to the print.

Hope this helps someone,