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RE: OT: corrupted .NEF files

> Maybe I'm just a little paranoid right now, BUT - in my search for
> applications to recover image files I encountered many tools that were
> created for the purpose of recovering corrupted data on Compact Flash
> cards.
> Apparently there are problems in that area as well.

Nothing in this digital age is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. 
However, Compact Flash cards (and flash memory in general) are said to be
much more reliable than magnetic hard drives.  I've also had great
experiences with data recovery software for CF cards.

> I wish someone would invent a device that could convert digital captures
> to
> images and save them safely onto 35mm film.  Now THAT would be nice!   ;-D

Wouldn't it be easier just to use a 35mm camera instead...?  :)

Camden Hardy