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RE: Lithium Chloropalladite...

BTW, I looked for Pd prices
(http://www.metalprices.com/FreeSite/metals/pd/pd.asp). As you can see
it's something like $325/oz ($11.46/gr). 100ml Li2PdCl4 solution is $150
at B&S. To make 100ml Li2PdCl4 solution (assuming you're going to use
40% AFO - that's what I use with B&S LiPd solution) you need ~ 17gr
PdCl2 and ~ 8gr LiCl (see http://tinyurl.com/yzhrva). PdCl2 is 60% Pd.
Therefore assuming the PdCl2 compound is priced according to pure Pd it
contains (Hardly! And I seriously doubt ordinary guys like us can buy Pd
for the price quoted above...), 17gr PdCl2 should cost you 17 * 0.60 *
325 / 28.35 ~= $117. Considering you still need to buy some LiCl,
distilled+ionized water, a bottle, a scale that can weight down to
0.01gr - if you don't have one -, pay for two separate shipments - if
the Pd dealer doesn't stock LiCl also -, it seems that it's better to
purchase this compound from them (B&S) if you're a regular Ziatypist ;)


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You can buy Palladium(II) Chloride and Lithium Chloride (relatively
cheap) separately and combine them to make your own Li2PdCl4 solution. I
know that from time to time, people get together for being able to order
relatively big amounts (over 250 - 500 grams) of Palladium(II) Chloride
(there was a recent thread @ APUG.org: http://tinyurl.com/yfxlbo). It
may make sense to buy the palladium salt alone since you can mix it with
different compounds (KCl - for DOP, LiCl - for Ziatype, NH4Cl - for Ware
POP) later.


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Subject: Lithium Chloropalladite...

...say that five times fast.  :)  Anyway...

I'm considering giving the ziatype a try, but don't want to spend $63
for a 25ml bottle of lithium palladium.  Does anyone know of a less
expensive source?

I'd probably be willing to buy in bulk, since I could use it for other
palladium processes (right?), but I'd rather not if I don't have to.

Camden Hardy