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RE: Podcast, anyone...?

> I'd love to see a pod cast on building a
> light box, as well as someone's systme for mixing
> gum/pigment and their prep and development process.

Me too, hint hint...  :)

I think in the next few days I'll get a little web page going for people
to make requests for podcasts.  Anyone intereseted in making a request can
add to the list, and anyone interested in providing a podcast (not looking
too hopeful yet, but I'll keep trying) can see what everyone wants.  Of
course, anything not on the list would be more than welcome too.

At this point I'm thinking it'll be a free subscription, since no one's
really said otherwise.  You're right though, Trevor.  The line between
copyright violation and free advertising can be pretty fuzzy, and we'll
have to be careful about that.

Camden Hardy


> --- Camden Hardy <camden@hardyphotography.net> wrote:
>> Do we want to make it free or charge for it?
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