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Re: WAY OT Re: Podcast, anyone...? (was Re: alt video)

Thanks for volunteering, Chris!  I think gum and/or mordancage demos would
be a great start.

> Since Camden, heheheh, is in my photo dept and going to TA for my alt
> class
> next semester, I would be willing to have a demo or two recorded, but that
> would entail a video cam to do it well, correct Camden?  I don't have one.
> Or is a Nikon 200 good enough?

Unfortunately one would need a video camera.  I think for all intents and
purposes, quality isn't the big of a deal.  A cheap handheld s long as we
can see what's going on, it's good enough for me.

However, you brought up an interesting point (I'm assuming you meant D200
instead of 200).  If it doesn't hinder the demo at all, a series of stills
with narration would also work well for the podcast (I'd even be willing
to convert the stills and audio into a video, saving the contributor the
trouble).  Obviously, in the case of coating technique this wouldn't work
too well.  :)

Those of you working/teaching at a university with a film program may be
able to find film students willing to help for some credit/pizza/beer/etc.
if video equipment is an issue.

Camden Hardy