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Re: Breathing Color Glamor II Giclee Varnish

Hey Don,

My experience is that you'll have trouble with even coatings using the 
roller method if your print size goes over something around 11x14. The 
hardware isn't that expensive to spray (about $170 locally for 
compressor and gun) but you do create a lot of dust from the over spray. 
We're trying to figure out what we'll do as the temperature drops since 
we've been spraying outside. When it goes below 50 F. it's time for a 
spray booth!

Best of luck,


Don Bryant wrote on 11/28/06, 9:49 AM:

 > Several months ago or perhaps longer Dan Burkholder mentioned this
 > product,
 > Breathing Color Glamor II Giclee Varnish, for coating inkjet prints. Has
 > anyone tried it for alt photo prints?