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[Read My T-shirt] for President...

The full title is,

"[Read My T-shirt] for President... a true History of the Political Front -- and Back"

Price is $18. Send check or money order payable to Front and Back Press to

Front and Back Press
PO Box 20126
West Village Station
New York, NY 10014

For "the list," postage is on the house until January 15, 2007. (After that add $2 for book rate.)

There may in due course be some retail sources in town, which I'll report, for folks who'd like a glance before buying, but given the size of the operation, probably more trouble than it's worth for publisher. I will try however, to put a sample page on the promised website.

And speaking of paper (as the list has been lately), the book is printed on "Somerset Matte [or maybe that's 'mat']." For production reasons (it comes in huge rolls) I didn't see a sample before the book was printed. Which was just as well -- Whatever the name, it looks pretty shiny, so I probably wouldn't have liked it. HOWEVER, it turned out to print the color photos beautifully. The people couldn't, I think, look better. (So I have adjusted.)