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Re: solarplate/KM73

This is all Susan's fault. :-)

I tried scrubbing the KM73 with a bath brush once when I was working away from home. Not a good idea -- at least for my workflow at the time. That nylon brush Box Car sells is big and beautifully gentle.

Glad to hear the KM73 plates are working out for you Chris!
What do you think solved the mottling problem for you???


Jon I have no idea, but the mottling is so much less with the KM73s, is it maybe because the surface is a bit tacky so it holds the positive well? My first plate had none, my second had a bit, my third only another bit, but not in any of the image part that is busy, just in the darks on a step wedge. So it is not completely gone, it seems, but I mean it was BAD in the solarplates!

Wow are my exposures different--with UVBL and a 5mn/5mn aqua/pos for solarplate that compares with approx a 2mn/1mn for Km73. Won't know if that is for sure until I print it in the AM.

I realize what the KM73s are made from--teeth. You know when you get a filling at the dentist with that newfangled polymer stuff that they harden with UV light? It is the exact same smell as that. GROSS.

It is possible my solarplate/photopolymer nightmares are coming to an end finally...one could only hope. Tomorrow I work out a curve. Very interesting that through PDN I found that solarplates and KM73s respond totally differently to different color inks. That might be logical since the KM73s are celery colored and the solarplates are 70's burnt orange. Plus the KM73s are thinner and stinkier. Way different material on top of both whatever the case.