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You would want the roll of 17" (inches) x66' (FEET) for $233, so each 16x20 negative would cost under $7 a negative. The best I can tell about ink cost is somewhere between .08 and 1.6 cents per square inch or about $5 in ink. That is a total of $12 per negative--not very costly. But then again you'd have to figure in depreciation on the printer, etc.

I hope if I am behind the times in ink cost someone will correct me.
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I want to migrate to wide format negative and I think on the possibility to use an Epson 3800 to make 16x20 negatives but I should like to know before what is approximately the cost of such negatives Each 42x66" Pictorico transparency film sheets cost $576 that's $72 for each negative plus the hidden cost of ink. I've seen this printer uses 9 types of ink and each cartridge cost about $50-80 so how much can be the cost of each negative?
Does anybody use this type of printer or a similar one and know the real cost of a b&w negative for wide format -16x20"- carbon or cyano printing?

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