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Re: HP B9180 for digital negatives


I believe the nearest sister/brother in the Epson line to the HP B9180 is the R2400. In fact, Ted Harris has called the B9180 an "Epson 2400 killer" because of the performance and price.

Will scan the arrays printed by the B9180 and send them when I get a chance.


At 11:27 AM -0600 3/13/07, Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
Wow! Maybe this does end Epson's hegemony of the printer market. Nahhh! What
Epson printer does one compare this to? The 1400, 1800 or 2400? Does anyone
on the list have the little sister/brother to this printer the Deskjet 9800,
also a 13" printer (<$300)?. I think the 9180 has the archival ink set and
the 9800 uses dye-based inks. Sandy, if you would be so kind as to send me a
scan of the arrays when you've got a moment. Thanks.
p.s. for anyone interested in my RNP-Arrays they're posted at
hybridphoto.com under the Digital Negatives forum.

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 In conjunction with another person I just ran some tests for UV
 blocking density with the HP B9180 printer, which is a 13" wide
 pigment printer of similar characteristics and performance to the
 Epsons 1800/2400.

 The results are very encouraging. The UV blocking of Green by itself
 in the PDN tonal palette is log 4.75, Red is log 2.58 and Blue is log
 1.31. The practical consequence is that there is a wide range of
 specific color matches on the PDN color palette that would work for
 any given alternative process. I also checked Michael Koch-Schultze's
 color arrays and you can find multiple working squares there as well.

 I will continue my tests today of this printer for smoothness and
 Sandy King