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Re: polymer plate drying time

Hi Susan,

Once the plate has been adequately post-exposed (5-10 minutes) you can
use it right away.  No problem with post-exposing longer though.  No
drying time really, other than make sure there's no droplets left on
the plate after blotting -- and if there are using a hair drier like
you're doing.


On 3/15/2007, "SusanV" <susanvoss3@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>Back to some basics here... I think some of my uneven tone problems
>are coming from minerals in our water leaving deposits (we have very
>hard water from a mountainside well).  So... I'm now trying distilled
>water for washing, but I'm wondering about if I've been drying the
>plates long enough, with just a few moments under a warm blow dryer,
>then a 200 sec 1000w hardening exposure.  Jon I just went back to your
>process notes and see that you're doing 600 sec at 1000, but no
>mention of drying time.
>comments and suggestions gladly accepted :o)
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