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Re: polymer plate drying time

Wow. This is really good info Keith. Maybe this is why I have issue with scratches, eh? Didn't you say scratches weren't a huge problem for you at one point?

So you dry before post exposing?

When post-exposing for 5-10 minutes under my Olec unit, it actually gets quite hot...so maybe that's why I haven't had more major issues. Perhaps the post-exposure also functions as what you and Susan are calling 'dry time'.

What do you think? Should I bake my plates in the oven after processing before post-exposure?


Keith Taylor wrote:

I find this surprising as I'm paranoid about drying my plates after processing. Obviously there's the need to remove surface water as quickly as possible, but then I carefully dry it with a hairdryer for 2-3 mins and then place it in a film drying cabinet for a further 5-10 minutes. Toyobo even recommend 5-15 minutes at 122-140 degrees, depending on the plate thickness.


On Mar 15, 2007, at 10:41 AM, Jon Lybrook wrote:
No drying time really, other than make sure there's no droplets left on
the plate after blotting -- and if there are using a hair drier like
you're doing.


On 3/15/2007, "SusanV" <susanvoss3@gmail.com> wrote:

Jon I just went back to your
process notes and see that you're doing 600 sec at 1000, but no
mention of drying time.