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RE: pH question

If the subject is kallitype you won't find anything in Dick Steven' book about sodium citrate as a developer. He did his research quite a long time ago when the most popular kallitype developers were the Rochelle salts, Borax and sodium acetate. It was much later that people begin using for kallitype some of the same developers that work so well for pt./pd. printing, such as ammonium and sodium citrate and even potassium oxalate.

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At 1:41 PM -0500 3/20/07, EJN Photo wrote:
Bob, I'd go with Don on this. Nadeau recommends that it be kept acid; below
7. He doesn't give a low end. I don't seem to be able to lay my hand on
Stevens Kallitype book right now, but If I do, I let you know. One way to do
it without a reference would be to check it now and again, and track the
changes. When it is at or close to 7 add citric acid to reduce it to 6. Make
a print and see how it looks, then make an additional drop in pH perhaps to
5.5 and see what happens with an additional test print/wedge. I believe it
is just that it likes acid environment, but no need to get it too low.
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	At what pH should I keep my Potassium Citrate developer for
	Eric Neilson suggested that I keep my Pot Ox dev at between
 5 and
 5.5 with small additions of oxalic acid when necessary.  I can
 add small
 amounts of citric acid to my Pot Cit dev but I am hoping to
 know what the
 best aim pH is for best development.
	Thanks in advance...

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