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Re:help not needed on SB-Array Density Stepwedge

I don't really know what I did, but I did manage to get the file. Looking at the blank page which said I had downloaded the file, I clicked on Edit in Photoshop--and there it was.
Charles Portland OR
ps I don't know why my last message came twice.
charles, what you don't seem to realize is that computers, internet, protocols, ttps, ftps, fttps, https, hftps, wwws, attchmnts, pdfs, and legions of others are just code names for a vast band of conspirators working to wipe out humans through madness and confusion and grab all our real estate.

A QXR in a tiny box somewhere in outerspace twirls her dials at random to make our text blur, swirl, double, go white, triplicate and disappear seemingly at random. Then, when you release brain cells trying to *understand it* crevices appear that they slip their parasites into and you will never be the same.

The only defense is obdurate stupidity. I've just read an e-mail that declares the only hope I have for my website is a program from outer Slovenia code named http.// cyberduck.ch/

Some remaining shred of my former brain says ch is or used to be Switzerland, but that may be a cunning insert also.

So OK, when they take over we'll haunt them -- feed them dichromates in their sausage and comfy chair at night. Revenge is very sweet (prepare for diabetes.)

but beware,