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I am not doing solarplate. With kallitype and pt./pd. I have never seen any sign of problems caused by newton rings in kallitype and pt./pd. printing. However, in carbon , where the surface of the tissue surface in contact with the negative is much smoother than the paper used in kallitype and pt./pd. I have seen some signs of mottling which I believe is caused by the interference patterns of newton rings.

My reasoning is that anything that breaks the interference pattern will eliminate the problem of newton rings. The image itself, where there is lots of texture, will break the pattern, and that is why the patterns appear almost always in large areas of even tones. The pattern can also be broken with some kind of tooth between the offending surfaces, such as talc, sized mylar, etc.

What I found was that spraying a coat of satin polyurethane on a sheet of 3 mil mylar (on both sides), and taping the mylar to the inside top of the glass of the vacuum frame, solved the problem for me.


At 11:01 AM -0600 4/3/07, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
Thanks for the tip. I can't find the time to go back over all the messages on hybrid right now, so one quick question: what processes were people having Newton rings with--solarplate or other alt as well? I did not know Sandy was doing solarplate, nor Clay, so it is happening with other processes, too?!
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There's a long thread over at Hybridphoto.com where Sandy King seems to have
come up with a solution. I know that I am getting the newton rings in my
prints using the vacuum frame of a NuArc and Clay Harmon spoke up that he's
getting them with his Amergraph vacuum frame. I believe Susan said she is
getting them with the sheets of Pictorico, but I'm only getting them with
the pieces cut down from the "NEW and IMPROVED" (my ass) Pictorico Super
Fantastico Ultra (or whatever it's called)--I believe Clay's problem is also
stemming from the new rolls.

Here's a link to the thread on HybridPhoto:


On 4/3/07, Christina Z. Anderson <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:
You mean to tell me that even with a vacuum frame you are still having
as a major problem? Will it never end?  I can feel your pain.  There have
been several times I have felt like giving up. Or, at least, sticking to
busy images with no appreciable large areas of dark.