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RE: continued solarplate notes



I’ve been using a plain old contact frame.


I don’t think the inconsistency comes from the UVBL.  It seems, in my extremely limited experience, that the mottling, etc. has been a result of the contact frame(s) I’ve been using.  By the time I blasted through the first 5 km73s a month or so ago, I started to notice (as I was walking the frame over to the UVBL box) that the Pictorico was generated some massive newton rings on the glass.  In light of the recent discussions re: newton rings, I suspect that this has been the problem all along.



Camden Hardy






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Camden Hardy wrote:

a better workflow that changes things for the better somehow, I will 
maintain that UVBL is definitely a problem when using Solarplates larger 
than 8x10, however.
My very first Solarplate was a 9x12 under UVBL, and aside from a poor
curve/exposure it printed quite well - no mottling or other imperfections in
the plate.  The plate was powdered for both the aquatint screen and the
positive (don't remember the exposure times though).  Alas, I have yet to
reproduce such a "flawless" plate...  :)

Thanks Camden...that's interesting!  It's the inconsistency that was so maddening to me.  I'd get a good plate and print....get encouraged...do something more ambitious, and whammo:  crap results.

Were you/are you using a vacuum frame for contact under UVBL or a contact frame of some sort?

Does anyone use, or recall anyone else using, different curves for roll 
vs. sheet standard Pictorico OHP?
I often go between sheet and roll, and as far as I can tell there's no

Stellar news.  I was hoping someone would say that.  :-)

BTW, I haven't forgotten I promised to send you a print as a thank you for your help in testing and evaluating the 4800.  I assume you don't want the wedding picture of my parents and great grandma, so I'll make sure to surprise you.