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Re: AIPAD show

I attended the show Friday and Saturday. I saw some of the Robb Kendrick tintypes, Lee Marks Gallery had an interesting Tintype by Jeffrey Becom of the moon on a roughly 16x16 tintype (not sure of the exact size) printed from an anonymous paper negative. Quite a few tintypes, ambrotypes and even wet plate collodion stuff on display. Quite a few photogravures, some tinted dags, I didn't notice any gums (but that doesn't mean they weren't there), Albumen prints by the usual suspects - W. H. jackson et al; Lots of weird strange silly stuff - Platinum contact prints from movie film stills less than 1 inch square framed in 11x14.

Based on what I saw silver gelatin prints will soon be an alternative process because it was "glicee" this, "glicee" that, everywhere you looked.
Also saw a lot of nice stuff from the late 19th century and early 20th century. The usual insane pricing; quite a few upper 6 figure prices for images - not sure why but....It's out there. So if you have a couple issues of camera work you can carve them up and pay for a nice luxury vehicle or a good down payment on a house. Anyway the AIPAD show is always worth attending if only to spot the trends - both increasing and decreasing....; and to see lots of the original alternative processes by the original practitioners. I even lifted the curtain of a Henry Fox Talbot Photogram. It felt delicious to be inches away from one of the original sources....

Enough fun for me, back to the drudgery of studying....

SusanV wrote:
Spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday at the AIPAD show.  There
_seemed_ to be more 19th century photos than in years past, but maybe
I just noticed that because I had my nose up to every gravure photo I
could find :o)   I was afraid the show would be overwhelmed with huge,
color digital prints, but that wasn't the case (not that there's
anything WRONG with huge digital color prints.... ).  Speaking of
digital... I never once saw the word "giclee" used for an inkjet

John Stevenson Gallery had a nice exhibit that included Cy Decosse
images, masterfully printed by our own Keith Taylor... a show-stopping
big platinum, and a couple of luscious gums.  Keith, they are all
exquisite!  They were getting a lot of attention, too.

As for the photogravures I saw... and there were many (but none
contemporary ;o) ). I was less than impressed, technically speaking.
Many of them have been taken from pages of  books (Camera Work and
others), and I guess the technique and their age makes them

more later


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