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Re: AIPAD show

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Thom Mitchell wrote:

I attended the show Friday and Saturday. I saw some of the Robb Kendrick tintypes, Lee Marks Gallery had an interesting Tintype by Jeffrey Becom of the moon on a roughly 16x16 tintype (not sure of the exact size) printed from an anonymous paper negative. Quite a few tintypes, ambrotypes and even wet plate collodion stuff on display. Quite a few photogravures, some tinted dags, I didn't notice any gums (but that doesn't mean they weren't there),

Thanks for the report, Thom... if I were a real human being instead of a human wretch, spending all week on tech support (this for wretched webmail -- don't ask!) I might conceivably have gone too (tho then again maybe not), but I'm interested in the fact of your not noticing any gums... Two
possibilities come to mind :

1. gums of old were usually monochrome, so they might have passed for, say, platinum ?

2. Who would part with a vintage gum?