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What is Kreene? Do we have it on this side of the pond? Hellena
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> Hi Keith,
> I totally understand.  I must not have been very articulate that day.  
> No glass ever, just Kreene taped across the bottom of the frame with 
> strips of foam core stuffed into the channels where the glass used to 
> sit to help with sealing off the bed.  I never did any testing with 
> Kreene under the glass since I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to 
> manually smooth out wrinkles with the glass in the way.  The ability to 
> feel grit through the Kreene is a huge QC advantage I believe.  Smooth 
> the kreene with (clean) hands, a rag, or one of the flexowands I cite, 
> which are expensive for what they are, but work well.
> If you want to take baby-steps, try it with both.  I was going on 
> Harold's advice, who said they used to retro fit their plate burners 
> that way before they bought expensive new ones that used kreene as part 
> of their design.  I wouldn't hesitate to remove the glass again, or if I 
> were in your shoes.  If it's not what you expect, you can always put the 
> glass back in.
> If you do decide to jump in with both feet and remove the glass, you 
> might want to make it easy on yourself get someone to help you for moral 
> support if nothing else!  I think you'll be pleased with the results 
> once you get the resultant added static under control. 
> Best of luck and let us know how it goes!
> Jon
> Keith Taylor wrote:
> > Hi Jon,
> >
> > The  Kreene will arrive today and I'll be replacing the glass with it 
> > immediately, but in the archives (2005) I read that you used both the 
> > Kreene and glass. This solved the Newton ring problem you had then, so 
> > why did you change to Kreene only? I'm also assuming I'll be able to 
> > use the setup (Kreene only) successfully  with platinum and gum too. I 
> > don't want to find out later today that I didn't have to take out the 
> > 33"x44" piece of glass!
> >
> > THANKS!!
> >
> > Keith.
> >
> > Re: Vacuum Cover Sheet for exposing Poly plates?: SOLVED
> >
> > From: Jon Lybrook
> > Date: 09/30/05-09:25:01 AM
> > Boxcar Press and the company that provides them with some of their
> > plates, Anderson and Vreeland, were most helpful and gave me detailed
> > information on the use of Kreene in conjunction with advice on static
> > control (Kreene is very static prone). Kreene plastic gets taped over
> > the entire blanket of the vacuum frame, on top of the film and plate. I
> > then turned on the pump and smoothed out any wrinkles or bubbles with
> > the Flexowand (which is like the pad one uses to clean dust from record
> > albums, only longer). To get better pressure, I then lowered the glass
> > down over the Kreene, which didn't seem to create any problems.
> > Exposure time didn't seem to change, but presto, no newton rings
> > anymore. Shot 3 plates and no newton rings, 3 for 3.
> >
> >
> >

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