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advice needed (offtopic, thousand apologies)

Dear List,

I'd planned so carefully never to let this happen, that now it's caught me totally unprepared. My problem basically is that my Apple laserwriter 12/640 PS is lasting too long, and I know its little habits & quirks so
have no desire to start over with something else.

After several years I ran out of toner, naturally, but I'd gotten a spare cartridge for just such contingency, but would you believe some bad fairy had switched the children in their cradles & it turned out to be the wrong model.

The company that sold me great replacements two years ago is gone, Tekserv says it will order one for me from the last maker for $130, which I expect I'll do (although I realize I could buy a new printer from Staples for practically that much, probably why it's not worth making cartridges any more).

I guess I could find an aftermarket refill on the Internet if I knew where to look, but my experience with 3rd party refills (other than from my own original cartridge) is they don't print well, leaving scratches and other artifacts, so I won't go there.(In fact had to throw two of them out years ago.)

My question then is, am I missing something obvious? Is there a way, say to "fill my own cartridge" just like fix your own printer... Or should I economize my time by spending the money & get back to my immediate printing job of knocking heads about Pier 40? (A community issue set to blow sky high, I hope.)

Thanks for any suggestions, experience, wisdom or folly. And again, apologies for bringing up an offtopic topic, tho the list is slow right now anyway -- all you solar platers are lying down on the job. But
Susan's radishes were so beautiful even I felt a pang.


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