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Obviously because I put my query on list, I just got a call back from one of the suppliers didn't answer yesterday. He has an original manufacturer cartridge he'll deliver for $97 plus tax, and I decided the better part of wisdom was to grab it.

He suggested maybe I should get two: Each one prints 6000 pages if you don't do pictures. I figure I probably don't have another 6000 pages in me... and I KNOW System 9 doesn't, so I take a chance on one.

For folks in the vicinity, the fellow is based in Brooklyn-- Frank at Action Photocopy, 718/921-9191. And delivers, probably in the boroughs. The old receipt I located him from was dated 4/14/1994. Then they did (very expensive) repairs on home copiers. I don't want to jinx my subsequent photocopier by praising it, but I will say the first one cost $1000, this one about $300... but both have saved my life and that of relatives regularly which is surely worth twice the price....