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Hi Marek, Sawdust is only one of the abrasion materials which can be used. You could try brushes of various kinds or simply a fine water spray delivering enough force to remove surplus pigment from the surface of the print.
              I have read that diatomaceous earth has also been used. It all depends on the kind of surface pigment formula  being removed.
                What accounts, so far, have you read about  Direct Carbon processes?
                Kind regards.
                 John - Photographist - London - UK
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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 6:30 PM
Subject: Direct carbon
Could somebody give me some practical advice for the saw dust development for direct carbon development (Fresson like process). This is something that I meant to try for a while and this discussion has motivated me further to do the experiments. Should I make my own saw dust and what kind? I have read some accounts, but practical advice would be appreciated.
Marek Matusz

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