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Re: Attn All Fresson enthusiasts.A message from Pierre Duncan.

Sorry Jack, Because of the phrasing I might have given the impression that I believed an emulsion was screened onto paper in the Fresson/ DC process.
This implication was not intended but  on pondering on it I suppose an emulsion may be applied this way. From what you've seen of DC prints, if they were similar to the work of Echague, at least, I would also not think that screening was used.
               Glad you' re still around.
                 Regards. John - Photographist - London - UK
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Sometimes I follow these threads all the way through . . the Fresson process and Luis Nadeau, from who, I've not heard much from of recent years, are of interest for the process is lovely. Now, John, you are implying the process is silkscreen????
I've seen a few prints and they were on a rather thin paper . . somewhat rich in color but a wee bit low contrast. Could've been whomever' work it was . . but, I never thought them to be silkscreened.

On May2007, at 5:36 AM, John Grocott wrote:

Pierre Duncan ( aka you know who) informs us that because of his intuitive insight into all matters photo alt, we need not discuss, any further, the mysteries of Fresson or Direct Carbon  emulsion coating methods as he knows that this is accomplished by silk screening.
                      I happen to know a subsriber to this list who has regular phone calls from Pierre.
                       I will thank him, back through the grapevine, for this input as he has the prefix  ''Dr.'' to his name, though  its not in photography but holistic medicine.
 Watch out for more divine messages from above.
John - Photographist - London - UK