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Re: The Woodburytype and Stannotype Processes

Title: Re: The Woodburytype and Stannotype Processes

Woodburytypes could be of any color, and the surface could vary a lot depending on final treatment. Basically they are carbon prints, made with a press. Any look you want in Woodburytype could probably be obtained with carbon printing.


At 6:27 PM -0700 5/28/07, Jack Fulton wrote:
I could find the papers Catherine but like many a thing such as they the light of day has not shone upon them for some while. The Woodburytypes I saw (historic) were lovely. Kind of purplish and that slight
embossing gave them a dimension.

On May2007, at 4:50 PM, Catherine Rogers wrote:

I remember that Philip Jackson was there at that APIS. Philip has had a long standing interest in Woodbury. I cant remember if he spoke about what he was doing or not. I think he was carrying some Woodburytypes with him. After APIS he was at the RPS library researching Woodbury.
Last I knew, Philip was working at the National Library of Australia. It would be very interesting to know how his researches went. He was working on several projects - including printing out papers.
As you say, I think there wre two or three persons at that APIS on the same quest for Woodbury. I can't think who else just at the moment. There was a wonderful bunch of people there with fabulous experiments on practically every process known - and unknown.
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Do any of you who attended the first APIS gathering put on by Terry King in Bath?
A couple of men from I cannot remember where, came with examples of Woodburytypes and an
explanation of how they were made. they were also attempting to revive the process as I remember.
Like Luis Nadeau and the Fresson process, but perhaps better ascribed to the one no one really knows how to repeat it, the Autochrome by the Lumiere Bros., I don't think anyone alive today could make a Woodburytype  . . . right?

On May2007, at 12:33 PM, John Grocott wrote:

The ''Encyclopaedia of Photography'', by Walter E . Woodbury. Published
1 8 9 0  by Illiffe & Son.  3, St. Bride Street, London E.C.
 This encyclopaedia contains a very concise description and working procedure for the Woodburytype processs,  eleven and half pages, plus a couple more pages on Stannotype, in which a  successful attempt was made to incorporate tin foil in the mould making. The whole process requires industrial levels of expertise to accomplish top quality results.
 I have a copy of the encyclopaedia and if anyone on the List would like to receive this info just let me know, OFF List ,and I will scan the pages and  we  might negotiate mailing. Or you could access the pages through a library.
Hoping Barret Oliver's book does well.
John- Photographist -London - UK.