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Re: negative scanners (OT)

Thank you everyone for all the information. After a lot of internet research and your emails today, I think I will go for a high end negative scanner for my 35mm negs and then take the medium format negs, of which I don't have that many, somewhere else to scan. I am comfortable with the Nikon film scanners and it looks like for 600-900 dollars I can get a good one. Basically I have 20 years of 35mm black and white and color negs to scan and this summer I need to concentrate on getting two projects done. It looks like the Nikon 4000 or 5000 is going to be best for me. Anyone have any major caveats about those?

Janet Neuhauser

One feature I wish softwares like Vuescan had is to scan the
image at 6400dpi into the buffer, apply very light sharpening,
and then resample the image at 4800 dpi or 3200 dpi before
saving in TIFF. A 3200 dpi equivalent file I make from 6400dpi
scans in Photoshop is superior to 3200 dpi scan, as you can
easily expect. Why not automate this and save disk space a

I do something similar using the Epson twain driver into photoshop. I have a
photoshop action which opens Epson Scan, I do all of the driver settings,
click scan, and when it hits photoshop it gets a slight auto sharpen and
then downsampling. Though this obviously isn't applicable for vuescan.

-Jeremy Moore-