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Re: negative scanners (OT)

For $60 you can buy a fluid mount kit for the Epson 4990, V700 or V750. See http://www.betterscanning.com/scanning/mstation.html

This mounting station provides for adjustment to plane of best focus, and fluid mount on the under side of the mounting station. These two features together will provide a significant increase in quality of scan with the Epson flatbeds.

Sandy King

At 12:38 AM -0400 6/28/07, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:
In my comparison of V700 and Coolscan scanner (5000 and 9000),
V700 delivers just as good resolution for 35mm
format. However, 5000 scans faster. Another thing is that
V700, like any scanner, is very sensitive to the glass-to-film
distance, but Epson ships the scanner with flimsy plastic
crap, which is usable, but requires some tests to get full
potential performance.