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Re: John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

I am convinced that God places people into our world who have but one overall purpose; lay foundations for others to succeed.  What a great and noble purpose!

Notice that Mark says, "I am convinced . . . ." What follows stems from his personal worldview, which I do not feel he is imposing on us. 

His work enabled great photographers to emerge and become recognized for their work, and in turn these influential photographers have touched our lives so richly with written-light.  Thank you, John!

This is the part we are asked (implicitly) to agree with, disagree with, or discuss.

Yes well that's very nice and cozy if you happen to believe in God. If you do not then one needs to search for a different set of values.

So, Richard points out that Mark is speaking from his worldview, and Richard suggests his own worldview. Their worldviews may disagree, but what about their views on John Szarkowski? I'm interested to hear how Robert, and others on the forum, value the curator.

To what extent has John Szarkowski influenced us, and has he furthered alternative process photography in any way?

More relevantly, who are the influencers in alternative process photography right now? Do we artists feel alone in the struggle, or do we have allies in the curatorial world?