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Re: John Szarkowski, Curator of Photography, Dies at 81

More relevantly, who are the influencers in alternative process photography right now? Do we artists feel alone in the struggle, or do we have allies in the curatorial world?
That's an interesting question. I often feel "alone in the struggle;" on the other hand, I think discussion lists like this are a great source for learning and support. I also feel that books that focus on alternative processes are not only worthwhile and very helpful, they help keep work like this alive and in front of people. I also appreciate the alt process exhibitions that people put together, including juried shows. That said, I often think that juried shows, or even galleries, very specific to alt processes are akin to African American studies, or Women's Studies programs/depts in universities-- maybe they're necessary at this point, but gee-- wouldn't it be wonderful and refreshing if they weren't?