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Would someone please explain (words of one syllable would be OK) the connection between the alleged "Willy Kuhne" and the presumed William Willis, whose patent of 1873 (or 6) has been cited in tones of serious nyah nyah nyah in response to my citation of a bridge completed in 1883 -- even assuming for the purpose -- any purpose -- that Kuhne was a real person and his alleged "invention," whether in 1878 as alleged, or some other year, even 1875... was "brilliant."


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1878.  Hmmmmmmmmmm. That date seems significant.  Wasn't some
obscure process patented that year?  Let's see...might it be platinum
printing?  Must be something arcane like that!   ;-))

As near as I can tell the first patent for Platinum printing was issued to William Willis in England in 1873. A US patent, USP 173,381 was issued February 8, 1876 to the same fellow. Probably this is the US version of the British patent.
The patent can be found on Google Patents or from the U.S.Patent and Trade-mark Office at http://www.uspto.gov The Google site has the advantage of allowing text searches of patents issued before 1976 and allowing the patents to be downloaded as PDF's rather than FAX tiff files.
I don't have a good source for historical British or European patents.

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