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On Wed, 8 Aug 2007, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Kuhn's Technik der Lichtbildernei (sp) was 1921.
As I recall he had an earlier book just about gum, title Gummidruck... tho that could be just wishful remembering for my lost prize. I think I can check that, though.

However Puyo and Demachy published a book in 1906 (Photo Club de Paris) titled en francais "Art Processes in Photography." I translated some of the introduction (with help !) also in Post-Factory #1, tho as I recall the book did a number of processes, including oil printing. Don't know if it's been printed in English in its entirety, but I just loved the introduction.

Meanwhile, the Practical Photographer Series #14 of May 1905 (which I do have) was all about gum -- articles by many gum printers (including Demachy,) which -- though they don't reference *any* of them -- are probably reprints from earlier publications. (And -- uh oh -- flipping through it now I see things I meant to try & didn't -- did I say "uh oh!"?)

I think Demachy's first how-to on gum was 1894: & he says he learned it from a fellow customer -- in about 2 sentences-- at his photo supply store in 1889. (So what's OUR problem that it takes so long?)

Chris, was the Ladevez text intended as an art process or commercial? (Think I saw it somewhere, but it failed to stick.)


But there were several other
books entitled Der Gummidruck by Gaedicke, Behrens, Meyer, Hofmeister, etc. If you do a search at Worldcat.org on "gummidruck" that is where I located a lot of those titles at first, and George Eastman House had a number of them, Austin has Hofmeister... Actually, the German/Austrian texts are absolutely wonderful, earliest one is 1898 (Gaedicke), earliest text about gum all told is Rouille Ladeveze 1894 which I also was able to photocopy...then several from England around 1898 on, of course Maskell and Demachy in there, too. I have quite a few books from 1898-1904 era.

I have a lot of articles either photocopied or jpgd and will ultimately, when done with them, get them up on a website somewhere. Thom Mitchell gave me the good idea to have a student keyword the articles and put them in a searchable database. But that's a loooonnnnngggg time ahead.