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Re: Artistico Unsized?

On 25 aug 2007, at 14:39, Dave Soemarko wrote:

<< What is of no interest for the paper, but just for info:
he uses no gumarabic -he hates formaldehyde or similar- but uses
Mowiol 88 in stead .... >>


What is Mowiol 88?

Hi Dave,
On the box is written:

Polyvinyl alcohol 8-88 ; small clear crystals , if you want to use it and needs some info about percentages etc. just ask.
I ordered it from Kremer Pigmente (on the box the name FLUKA is obviously the manufacturer).
Last time i contacted them, they told me that the 8-88 is not produced anymore, but the 4-44 would be the same , apart from the concentration (!)