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Re: Artistico Unsized?

Thanks Henk,

I happen to see his website and I'm aware of his work. Fantastic indeed! Thanks for mentioning him.

I can speak / write french BTW. I'm a polyglot.


Quoting henk thijs <henk.thijs@hetnet.nl>:


Just find someone to help you to translate some text in french, because:
the belgian gumprinter Jean Janssis produces gumprints in sizes like
80 to 120 cm (about 30x45 inches) and he definitely is not sizing.
He uses 300 grs paper like Fabriano a.o.; I met him once , but his
english was even worse compared to my french, but via a friend i  could
just ask some questions, and he told me that he never sizes his  paper
, he just preshrinked two times in cold water for half an hour,  and
normally he made 3 to 4 gum coatings.
And i saw the prints and the registration was clear visible, just  pins
in the corners, and on top&bottom in the middle.
What is of no interest for the paper, but just for info:
he uses no gumarabic -he hates formaldehyde or similar- but uses
Mowiol 88 in stead, and surprisingly only uses powder pigment
vanDykebrown (at that time i spoke to him, some years ago); he sold
images to musea all over the world, just look at:


Bon courage,