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Re: Artistico Unsized?

I just did so. The first layer is developing right now:

- It seems to require slightly more coating solution than Masa. The amnt. of coating solution that is plentiful for Masa (some coating solution remains on the mixing vessel) is barely enough to coat the same area with Artistico.

- After 10 minutes, there's still tone in masked borders. I'll see if that persist after 20 or 30 minutes. (That's a light coat of Schmincke Ivory Black for midtones and base for blacks...)

- Tonality / detail is much much better than Masa. (With the same negative.)

I guess I will love this paper. (My only subjective criticism about it is that it's much slower to work with compared to Masa - which dries in a snap).

Quoting Katharine Thayer <kthayer@pacifier.com>:

Loris, I was pretty sure there were people here who use that paper (the
old style Fabriano Artistico, now called Traditional White, as you
rightly say)   so I was hoping that one of them would respond.

I printed a few prints on unsized Artistico   years ago  and it was all
right, but I never did any more than one or two coats on it, and papers
 never stay the same over time.   So my experience wouldn't be very
useful. If no one with recent personal experience with the specific
paper is available or willing to answer,  I'm afraid there's nothing
for it but to give it a try and see what happens.  There's no need to
use hot hot water for shrinking; warm water is fine.  IME it's the
Arches papers that are most susceptible to having their internal sizing
disrupted by hot water, and with Arches papers I am careful to keep the
liquid temperature below 140 F when pre-treating.  Good luck,