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Can you find our what kind of brushes they are?  Where they could be 


On August 27, 2007 8:16:55 am Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Hi Gord,
> Yeah, we did; we used his brushes, the ones shaped like a stag foot or
> something?  What I learned was that the ink really only goes on the very
> tip of that brush, not on the whole bottom, and you do all the motion with
> that tip--hopping, stippling, walkabout, etc.  So the tip needs to be
> springy. One of the students got the softer haired brush (is it, fitch?)
> and the ink up detail was much finer with the finer hairs, so I was able to
> see the benefit of different hair in the brush, too.
> Having done a bunch of bromoils a couple years back that were pretty poor,
> I realize part of the reason was too much ink and using a roller/brayer. 
> So for me, the brush made a huge difference, as does non-supercoated paper.
> Also not using a hydroquinone based developer which hardens gelatin, and
> really at every step of the way watching your technique--distilled water in
> the bleach bath instead of tap to eliminate the variable of water, etc.
> etc. It's somewhat like gum in that sense--so many variables that if you
> start "tight" with the variables and then loosen up you can more easily
> figure out what is wrong.
> As soon as I "loosen up" I will try Ilford supercoated, using a regular
> paper developer, etc., and varying the ink softness to accomodate, plus
> using other brushes like shaving brushes and such.  But for now, tight is
> the way to go until I get proficient.  I am sure there are many on this
> list (Ed Buffaloe, for instance) who are very loose with their technique at
> this point.
> Chris
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> > What did you use for brushes?  I'm slowly exploring oil printing and have
> > been
> > trying a variety of locally available brushes.
> >
> > The old literature I've read suggest people used very specialized
> > brushes.
> >
> > Did you use anything special?
> >
> > Gord

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