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Christina's book was Re: Beware of Amazon.com

Hi Christina and all of you alt processes lovers !

Postman brought to me this morning a big package from "PhotoEye". And guess what was in it ? Christina's "Alternatives processes condensed" along with some other beautiful photo books.
but I must say : I ordered this book to PhotoEye on ...May 25; my mistake was probably to order a signed copy by the famous author/ alt proc list fellow. And PhotoEye had to wait for Christina taking time for "being in town" to sign her book.
Now reading your post, Christina, I wonder why i did not order from Malin Fabbri's site ! I love her alternativephoto.com site, where i display some examples of my pictures ; I was included in her 2006 book "Alt Photography Book : art and artists"
In fact, PhotoEye has the advantage of offering a huge variety of books in all fields of photography, most of them I cannot find in France. Their site is a true pleasure for people loving photo-books, old or contemporary !

Now, back to Christina's book : I had just very little time to go through it : seems very clear, pragmatic facts covering plenty of our be-loved processes... Very eager to use it and compare with my other preferred ressources (Barnier's "coming into focus" and -obviously- Judy's wonderful series of Post Factory Journal issues).

Thanks Christina for our efforts to share your experiments

and to all alt-processes friends of the list , all my best cheers from france
Jean Daubas, auteur-photographe
16 rue de Bourg-Sec
25440 LIESLE (France)
+33 (0)3 81 57 50 13 et +33 (0)6 81 53 12 89

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Wow, so I went online Amazon and checked...

Yeah, my Tutti Nudi, an essentially $14 book is $65 (!)

So from the self-publishing standpoint, here are my thoughts (Tutti is not
self published).

I, too, like Thom below, buy many books from Amazon and really appreciate
their usual prices and their free shipping on orders over a certain price
AND I get the books immediately. But I can't believe they charge 60%. I
would have to raise the price of my books if I sold there.

I suffer from PhotoEye carrying my books and taking a 40% profit which
essentially makes me profit not even $5 a book. AND to top that one, they
now make us pay shipping to them AND we are not allowed to ask for payment
except once every 6 months. I only carry them there for exposure.

Experimental is $43 and Alt is $38.50 on Amazon I see--(both the latter are
available for $38 which includes shipping
in the U.S. on alternativephotography.com). But a plug for Petra Keller at
Camerabooks.com who is the seller--the only reason she has the latter two at
a bit inflated price is to
actually make a profit since Amazon charges so much.

I don't know who the heck is selling Tutti Nudi at $65--certainly not her!

So basically if people want my books I direct them to two places--Malin
Fabbri's website first, because it is Paypal and she is so efficient and
nice. I even prefer going through her than selling the book out of my own
house even though I pay her a percentage because I believe in her website.

Plus she is so nice and efficient and Paypal is hassle free! AND I
mail my books flat rate out to all over the world because her website is
global--expensive postage but incredibly efficient (except lately I have
found it to
take about 3 weeks to get to even Europe).

And next, Freestyle has both my books in their catalog and they are a total
joy to work with--they order 10 or 20 at a time, pay for shipping, and PAY
me in full Net30. Plus they have a 5000 catalog distribution a month.

The downside to self-publishing as I bet Judy can attest--big bucks out at
the offset, a lot of legwork for little money, and sometimes snafus--the
shipment of Alt I picked up yesterday has all color images in it collated
wrong....back to the printer.