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Re: Christina's book was Re: Beware of Amazon.com

Christina Wrote:

The downside to self-publishing as I bet Judy can attest--big bucks out at
the offset, a lot of legwork for little money, and sometimes snafus--the
shipment of Alt I picked up yesterday has all color images in it collated
wrong....back to the printer.
If the dream is money, we may all be in the wrong field. But the upside to self publishing, and my own personal decider, is you can show and tell any damn thing you want.

I don't mean something that would annoy the person I've photographed ... they're thrilled... I mean something that might upset the sales manager, board of directors, a stock holder's wife, or other factotum of a corporation...

Say, for instance, a man wearing a T-shirt with a photo of George Bush holding a sign that says "Will Kill for Oil," or smiling maniacally over a T-shirt that says "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald When We Need Him?" or a nice middle-aged lady whose shirt says "More Orgasms, Fewer Babies..." Something, I like to think, to offend everyone, plus of course offenses of mine own.

Those who haven't, can see website for more offenses (incredibly, new site is still there, tho maybe I shouldn't tempt the digitons by saying so):


What in fact brought other people's "permissions" to mind was that I heard a lulu (well, I didn't hear it, I READ it) from Chris James, about the cover of his forthcoming book (second edition of "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes," now at printer, due Feb. '08); I don't know if it's OK to mention so I'll just say, for all the hassle of self pub, the only crazy person you have to deal with is yourself.

But I daresay it's OK to mention that this edition is going to be-- probably not the last word (currently cascading titles show a field in growth and ferment... and may it ever be so ...us, too) ... but at something like 500 pages, everything known and done to date, no need to pay $150 to al libris, et al., for a tiny slice of it... I also saw a whatchamacallit... a photo attachment of the illustrations: a slew of "household names," plus a slew of "discoveries". I try to avoid cliche's, but I can spell "awesome."

Meanwhile, I'm re-reading (for reasons of my own) a book called "Silicon Snake Oil," by Clifford Stoll, who quit the Internet in disgust circa 1995 (It was isolating, it was this, it was the other, it was a bunch of stuff he imagined and other stuff it grew out of)... But, boys and girls, do any of us/you suppose all this could have happened WITHOUT the Internet?

PS. to, I think it was Chris: the post office is doing its best to put small press out of business by eliminating surface mail to overseas, and raising the airmail rates. But it turns out that there's a flat rate envelope now that also goes to overseas. I was able to get two of my books into it, and I suspect you'd get two of yours also. To England, for instance, the flat rate was $11, or $5.50 per book.... versus $15 regular airmail.

love & kises,