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Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?

On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, sam wang wrote:


Could she bring lith film and use that for negatives? Cover the windows with Rubbylith and you have a darkroom.
She's done that, but this time, no windows -- it's going to be outdoors.

Or use photo paper for the pinhole cameras and not worry about reversing the tonalities - there's a Chinese pinhole artist who sells large paper pinhole negatives to museums for as much as $35,000. No reason they have to be printed as positives.
You mean use the paper from the pinhole as the final print?

But again, you can't insert photo paper in daylight, can you? I guess you could use one of those black bags...tho it's tough with a bunch of squirming kids. But maybe set up a darktent... I bet someone has made one. Maybe a dark cloth over somekind of camping tent for one. (How big is a "pup tent" or don't they do them anymore?)

For cyanotype, I would just use found objects: leaves, hands, snakes, etc. and not worry about negatives.
She's done that a lot and gets some great effects... but this time has something else (possibly impossible) in mind...