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Re: The Resinotype Mountain

others would be willing to give it a try if the resinotype powders + pigments were available already prepared for use.
Rodolfo Namias begun selling powders, papers and kits in 1923. The powder was manufactured at Stabilimenti Chimici IRTA in Rome. I have not been able to find this laboratory, and I believe that it disappeared after the WW2.
the paper was prepared outside Italy, perhaps in UK or France, because in 1936 it begun to be unavailable owing to the embargo (called "the Sanctions" in Italy). In my opinion, it was likely a paper treated with a only partially hardened gelatine (hence the directions to use 50-60C warm water for swelling).
But I an not Rodolfo Namias and so I am not inclined to sell powders (unless suddendly many people ask for them...).

Yes, it does seem simple. Only 10 minutes to prepare. But only after you have located a supplier of rosin powder, pigments, pestle+mortar ( one week ). This all adds up to a far more complex process than, for example cyanotype, which seems to be, understandably, very popular. It is so straight forward and simple. (apologies to cyanotypists)
I know many persons asking me where to buy chemicals, etc. This is a common rule (and part of the game) for ALL the alt-processes.
I had rosin powder from the time when I experimented with dust gravure.
I have found quite easily rosin in Venice. Kilograms of rosin, also in big pieces: it is very cheap (few euro/kg). In a shop they asked me what use I would have made, because they were used to sell it to the students of a dancing school (for putting it under the tips).

Your enthusiasm has been an encouragement to me and I hope to reciprocate in due course with some masterpieces.
I could add some of my ready-to-use powder to my prints, if you like and if there will not be problems sending it.