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Re: Paper Negatives and Alt Process

Dave, thanks for your comments. I have done an awful lot of testing to get a
handle on the process and the s/n ratio thing is kind of an off-the-wall
idea, I admit. But I seem to keep bumping into it with some tissue and
pigment combinations I would like to use. I think I'm just starting to
better define what I'm seeing, but I have not quite figured out how to solve
it yet.

I'm not an engineer, but I have spent the last thirty years as a technician
in the electronics industry. My last specialties were microelectronics and
engineering prototyping, although I've been out of the business for a few
years now.


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> Very interesting web site, Andrea! Thanks for sharing. I haven't read all
> the articles yet but just quickly browsed through some of them. It looks
> like you very much enjoy the testing process too.
> And signal-to-noise ratio! You must be an engineer, correct? (I am one).
> :-)
> Dave