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Paper Nrgatives

Hello Andrea, again, after several years,
                          Jose Ortiz Echague's prints were mostly made using full size paper negatives produced long before computers were ever thought of.
Early in his career Echague was using a 6 X 9 cm camera so I suppose he would have contacted the original neg from the camera with other film, probably ortho, to make a positive tranny which could then be enlarged onto the paper  to give a full size paper neg.
                   Unusual, though, that you are working with Carbon Transfer  and paper negs and what  great results you have achieved. Echague's prints, as you may know,  were made on Direct Carbon paper.
                    Having read some of your w/s may I wish you the potential to rise out of the threatening housing problems you describe so you may  keep your creative workspace and carry on making pictures.
Sincere best wishes.
John - Photographist - London - UK