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Re: Paper Negative Details

Hi Don,

Thank you for taking the time to find this link. I have purchased some of
this paper (28lb) and find that it does work reasonably well. I think I
would rate it second to the Epson paper. This paper appears to be made in
Europe or Asia somewhere. I'm afraid I can't check that at the moment

The original paper that I was referring to in my earlier post to Katharine
was manufactured in the U.S. and has the same stock number but is only 26lb.
I'm afraid I forgot to mention that. It does not seem to be available any
The stock number and weight are visible at the bottom of image.

They say it's the same, but when waxed, the grain pattern is different. The
original paper I was using (26lb) had a finer grain texture, while the new
material (28lb) seems to be somewhat coarser by comparison.

I purchased about a dozen packs of the 26lb paper at an auction some years
ago and have only used about half of it. I'm not worried about running out
soon but if I were to locate an equivelant paper, I'd probably be interested
in buying a roll or two.



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> Andrea,
> >
> The original HP paper that I began to make negatives with has the number
> HP51634Y and is called HP Premium Inkjet Paper, also a matte finish coated
> paper. I don't know if it's available any more either.
> >
> Yes it still available and can be purchased here:
> http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/51634Y
> Don Bryant